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What We Do

Learn how our clients increase their wealth and get tax deductions for doing it – 100% Legal and IRS Approved!

Who We Are

Former IRS Employee and Tax Strategist, Larisa Humphrey, CTC, “The Medical Tax Coach” has been helping medical professionals and business owners for over 23 years.


Read what our clients have to say about us, how our clients have benefited by approaching us and continue to benefit every year.

Attention Medical Professionals!

 Do you feel like you pay Way Too Much in Taxes?

Are you writing a BIG check to Uncle Sam each year that keeps getting BIGGER?

Are you getting any solutions from your current CPA?

Do you want to know how you can shelter your income from Uncle Sam legally?

We use a system of IRS-APPROVED tax strategies designed to’’

Keep more Money in your Pocket

Get you out of Debt

Build Wealth to Secure your Future

Reduce or Totally Eliminate your Tax Liabilities.

These are strategies most CPA’s are not using with Medical Professionals like you although they are 100% legal and found in the IRS Tax Code.

Larisa Humphrey, CTC

Tax Strategist and Former IRS employee

founded Medical Tax Coach to meet your special needs as a Medical Professional.


The good news is that as a Medical Professional,

there is a way you can reduce your taxes legally.


No matter what State you live in, If you wrote a check to the IRS for any amount, you need to call TODAY! Request your Free PRIVATE TAX ASSESSMENT, and you will see how you can use the same tax breaks the Rich & Famous use to pay $ZERO taxes!





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