I was paying taxes each year exceeding $50,000 and needed to know what to do to insure the highest deductions.  I was referred to Medical Tax Coach by a colleague. They looked at my situation, and went back and re-filed 3 years of tax returns that resulted in refunds exceeding $80,000! As a result, I was able to build a building to house my practice and produce rental income as well as hire additional professional staff. They helped me to arrange my business affairs in a way that allows me to continue to save money on my taxes.  I love my relationship with Medical Tax Coach.  They look for ways to save and get me money. I am very happy with their service.

Dr. Allen, Dentist   


Medical Tax Coach helped me get my bookkeeping on track and set up strategies that allowed me to save on taxes, pay off debt and create more tax free income for myself.  I have been saving more money since I’ve been working with Medical Tax Coach than I ever had before.

Dr. Wise, Internal Medicine


I was talking to a colleague about having to pay an outrageous amount of taxes and she referred me to Medical Tax Coach.  I was given 10 tax strategies that saved me $54,941! What a difference!! I was shown how I could DECREASE my taxes, invest money for retirement and college savings and have more income for other priorities. My previous CPA did not dig in and get into what Medical Tax Coach recommended. I never received any guidance from them. I’m pretty sure they didn’t even know the things that were recommended to me by Medical Tax Coach. Now, I’m excited about tax time!!

Dr. Hines, Healthcare Management


 My last CPA did not elaborate on ways to save money on taxes and there was never any opportunity for us to learn things we could do to lower our tax bill.  Working with Medical Tax Coach turned my tax bill of over $100,000 into $86,371 in tax savings!  They help you to get full advantage from your situation.  Everything is here; their service is an all-inclusive, a one-stop solution.

Dr. Lightfoot, Surgeon

“I received a 1099 and had no experience with it”

I found Medical Tax Coach through a GOOGLE search.  When I came to Medical Tax Coach, I was frustrated.  I needed a better understanding about money and how it all works.  I had received a 1099 and had no experience with it, but I wanted to be in compliance with the IRS.  After working with Medical Tax Coach, I was shown strategies to help me save taxes, turn personal expenses into business deductions and save more money towards retirement.  My previous CPA did not offer me any strategies to help me save money.  Since working with Medical Tax Coach, I have been VERY happy!

Dr. Jeter, Psychiatrist

“I was encouraged to legally shelter my income and I saved a lot of money”

I was encouraged to legally shelter my income and I saved a lot of money.  My previous CPA was not proactive; they took the information and produced a tax return.  We never discussed any strategies to produce tax savings.

Dr. Allwood, Psychologist


We were hesitant to trust someone for advice on deductions.  We don’t want to get audited and find out the advice was wrong and end up owing the IRS.  After working with Medical Tax Coach, our taxes were cut by $38,873!  We trust Medical Tax Coach given their track record of success, and have gotten the benefit of maximizing our deductions.

Dr. S. Allwood, Ph.D.